The goal of international research project SIMETRI  (SustaInable Mobility and Equality in mega-ciTy RegIons) is to build a platform for understanding and predicting urban development in mega-city regions. The project unites researchers from China, the UK, and the Netherlands to integrate methods, knowledge and experience related to spatial data analytics, indicator development and urban modelling

Despite the COVID regulations, SIMETRI continued its international cooperation. On Friday 25 March 2022, a successful online Zoom-meeting took place. Researchers in the project were able to exchange research progress and experiences on one of their joint interests: the integrated simulation of changes in the spatial distribution of land use and population.

Lively discussion on further mutual cooperation

Professor Yang Yue, Dr. Tu Wei and Dr. Mingxiao Li from Shenzen University (SZU) met with several researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and interested partners from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre to discuss the integrated model on the local development of land use, population and GDP they recently developed for the Greater Bay Area in China. Eric Koomen summarised research progress and challenges in VU’s attempts to simultaneously simulate the spatial distribution of land use, population and jobs based on a number of recent studies. In a lively discussion, several ideas for further development of these models and mutual cooperation were discussed.

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SIMETRI is funded by the NSFC JPI Urban Europe programme.


April 2022