De master Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM) biedt een geïntegreerde visie op ruimtelijke, transport- en milieuthema’s vanuit economisch perspectief. Het onderwijs wordt verzorgd door topwetenschappers uit het onderzoeksveld. Bekende namen zijn Erik Verhoef, Jos van Ommeren, Henri de Groot, Hans Koster en Jan Rouwendal. De opleiding is geheel Engelstalig. Het is mogelijk om een aantal losse kernvakken uit dit masterprogramma te volgen.

Voor wie?

Het volgen van bestaande cursussen binnen de master STREEM is met name interessant voor beleidsmedewerkers, consultants, adviseurs en onderzoekers bij kennisinstituten, adviesbureaus en (semi-) overheidsinstellingen die (willen) werken op bovengenoemde vakgebieden.

Uitzicht over stad

  • daniel horcher"The year I spent at VU Amsterdam completely changed the way how I approach transport-related problems and their interrelations with spatial economic and environmental phenomena. I strongly recommend STREEM for those who wish to complement earlier studies with deeper understanding in the economics of transportation and other network industries."

    Daniel Hörcher Graduated in 2014. Now PhD Student at the Centre for Transport Studies, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Imperial College London
  • Sadaf Dostzada"This master was a challenge, and in one year master I developed my scientific skills more than I expected. The teaching staff contributed to my self-development and knowledge gain, and was very engaged with the students. Because of the small classes there was always space for discussion about interesting subjects. This made us think outside the box. Also were we frequently informed about work or internship opportunities."

    Sadaf Dostzada Graduated in 2016
  • Jochem Brons"The STREEM Master was a valuable and fundamental opportunity for my personal growth and scientific development. It allowed me to improve and deepen both theoretical and empirical knowledge by attending the lectures and by working under the supervision of international worldclass professors and researchers."

    Jochem Brons Graduated in 2007. Now Product Developer at Radiuz Total Mobility, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • "This master allowed me to grow as an economist; the program's approach of theoretical and practical courses provides a strong analytical and deep understanding of the spatial, transport and environmental economic interactions. Being able to participate in a highly academic environment and becoming a more versatile economist is why I recommend STREEM."

    Daniel Navarro Graduated in 2016